Kid Goals was started by its founder Keith Frazier a Cincinnati, Ohio native in 1992 under the name of Pinnacle Soccer training while he was living in Memphis, TN. The original company focused on private training for children and teenagers with a focus on ball control and perfecting the fundamental skills of soccer. During these early years and via the request of parents the need for parent/coach training was recognized as a need and soon added to the base of training that was offered.

The success of Pinnacle Soccer in Memphis led to carrying this new venture with him to each city he relocated to while working a full-time job in Corporate America. Those stops includes Knoxville, TN, Green Bay, Wisconsin a brief return to Cincinnati, Ohio and then onto Atlanta, GA.

During the fall of 2009 Atlanta is where Pinnacle Soccer turned into Kid Goals. With the worst recession in decades Keith decided to focus on soccer full-time by offering training to students at daycare centers and private schools. Trying to find another Corporate job in a down economy was not looking good. In only 3 short years Kid Goals has trained over 2000 students and continues to expand its client base to 3 states (Ohio, Georgia and Alabama).

Our process is very simple. Never stop learning and continue to be a student of the game of soccer. An early soccer mentor in Cincinnati recommended that Keith receive a soccer coaching certification from the United States Soccer Federation. From there a thirst of knowledge was created. He has received all of the State Coaching certifications along with most of the National Certifications offered by the USSF and a International certification from Sporting Club De Portugal. At Kid Goals we seek to learn, implement, and create some of the best training systems that can be applied to learning the sport of soccer.

We like to say that the fun never stops and the learning never stops!!!!!!!!!! This applies to both our staff and our clients.