Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Joe Brown, Ph. D.

    Dr. Joe Brown has served in numerous capacities within the Phyical Education arena. Dr. Brown earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Master of Arts Degree in Education with a minor on Physical Education from The George Washington University, and Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Physical Education and Athletics Administration with a minor in Educational Administration from The Ohio State University.

  • Mr. Keith Frazier, Six Sigma Black Belt; C.P.S.M.

    Mr. Keith Frazier has played, coached, developed and mentored within several facets of the sport of soccer over the last 36 years. He has played several pivotal roles in the development of the IMHOTEP soccer program of Atlanta, Georgia. Previously he has served as Director of "The Soccer in the Streets" program in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Frazier has earned Georgia State Certifications G, F, E, and D USSF certifications and National Certifications C, B and National Youth USSF certifications.

  • Dr. Phil Luck, Ph. D.

    Dr. Phil Luck has served as teacher, facilitator, mentor, prinicipal and board member for several education and non-profit entities. Recently he was named Principal at Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Luck earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Tuskegee University, Master of Education in Elementary Education from University of Minnesota, Educational Leadership (L-5), May 2003, Instructional Supervision Endorsement (L-5) from the University of West Georgia, and Ed.D, School Improvement from the University of West Georgia.