We at Kid Goals strive first and foremost to have each child develop a passion for the World’s #1 sport by providing an atmosphere that is fun, challenging and maximizes the # of touches on the ball during each session. During each session all participants will be introduced to age appropriate activities that will allow each child to fully participate and develop excitement and anticipation of the next class.

Our next goal is to teach ball control. Without basic control (dribbling) it will be difficult for a child to move onto some of the more advanced aspects of soccer like change of direction, shooting, and passing.

Increased development of psychomotor skills, body movement, agility, coordination, and balance are the foundations to all sports activities. Soccer is the perfect sport to teach these skills at an early age. Much like adults the secret to learning is repetition. The more reps a child has with a soccer ball and age appropriate activities will expedite the learning process. Thus the reason for homework assignments for all participants. Just like reading, 5-10 minutes each evening of on the ball activities will increase not only the development of the player but will increase there confidence.