At Kid Goals we attempt to provide our players with ample resources to help them improve their soccer skills. One of our best resources which we have borrowed from the world of academia is the concept of “homework”. Much like a student in the classroom, if one does not practice independently at home, learning will be a slow process. To that end, we have developed a series of videos that can be viewed at home. We will assign periodic homework assignments that allow our students to practice at home which will in turn speed up the learning process. We encourage parents to ask their child after each class what was taught and for them to demonstrate the techniques to their parents. We believe that the highest form of learning is when an individual can teach someone else. So please ask your child to teach you the skills they have learned.

Additionally, feel free to research some of the teaching methods that we use in class. Here are a few: Guided Discovery, Socratic Teaching, Purposeful Training, and Mostons Slanty Line Theory.