Homework Videos

The trainers at Kid Goals have developed a multimedia training course designed to supplement coach to player instruction. This video library is an added benefit of participation within the Kid Goals Program. Please remain cognizant of the thoughts below from our instructors. Use the links below to view our videos.

- All shooting exercises should be done with a locked ankle and a complete follow through. (All shots should finish high with the shooting foot being at least waist high after striking the ball).

- Discourage your child from using their toe.

- Finally give your child continuous positive reinforcement by giving them lots of high fives and hugs. Ask them on occasion if they did it right. In time they will tell you if they did it right or not and will want to do it over if incorrect.

- Practicing at home should be a time of fun and the opportunity for both you and your child to work together on improving their soccer skills. If they don’t want to practice don’t force it. If you treat it as time for fun they will ask you to help them practice. So, enjoy these activities and watch how your child begins to excel.

- Remember the coordination and agility developed in soccer can and will transfer to many other sports that your child may participate in.